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What Is A Viatical Settlement Agreement

Deadline guidelines generally expire with no current value or costly replacement fees. Instead of letting your policy run worthless, you should consider turning the directive into a permanent plan and selling it in a life or viatic colony. A viatic business is a licensed organization that can purchase life insurance directly from the insured and receive the face value of the plan. Remember, viatic funds can be used as you wish, without restriction. Viatic billing is an agreement whereby a person who is fatally ill or chronically sells his life insurance at a discount of his face value for the money loan. In exchange for cash, the life insurance seller waives the right to transfer the policy`s death allowance to a beneficiary of his or her choice. Whether a particular viatic investment is a guarantee depends on whether the investment is a passive investment in which the investor expects profits derived primarily from the efforts of a party or part other than the investor. A colony of seniors known as life count refers to the sale of an insurance policy to a third party by a relatively healthy senior senior. In return, the policyholder receives a cash tally that could almost quadruple the policy`s cash output value. Each state regulates transit facilities through its respective insurance services. State rules protect more than 90% of insured Americans who follow viatic settlements. Comprehensive settlement laws and regulations served in 45 states plus Puerto Rico. This type of transaction became popular in the 1980s because more people with life-threatening illnesses had life insurance they didn`t need.

This has led to what we know today as the viatic industry — when seniors or terminally ill people can sell their insurance policies for immediate access to their funds. Viators can avoid fees charged by a viatic billing broker if they collaborate directly with viatic billing companies. At that time, the AIDS mortality rate was very high, and life expectancy after diagnosis was generally short. [3] Investors were reasonably certain that they would be collected in a relatively short period of time. This combination of events led to an increase in viatic comparisons, as investors and Viators saw an opportunity for mutual utility. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, anyone with a chronic illness, defined as a condition that affects daily life, and an existing policy with an insurance company may be eligible for a technical life count. A whole policy, conceptual, universal or group is acceptable for sale. Any policyholder who wishes to make his policy the subject of a viatic transaction contract should deal with viatic companies such as the Fund for American Life and the options available.

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