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Uk Trade Agreement Switzerland

The UK`s bilateral financial services agreement with Switzerland aims to strengthen cooperation and confidence by facilitating british companies` access to the Swiss market and vice versa. The financial services agreement will be discussed at the next financial dialogue between Ukraine and Switzerland on 8 September 2020. The meeting will be partial: talks between the UK and Turkey on a trade deal have gained momentum since the UK left the EU at the end of 2019, the deal has not yet been finalised, but it says the two nations are close to reaching a deal. Until 31 December 2020, UNION products will continue to come from. The future regime will depend on the EU and UK setting up a free trade agreement or a mutual customs assistance agreement. In this case, the free trade agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom provides that Swiss companies can accumulate their exports to the United Kingdom of semi-old products originating in the EU. The continuity agreement, based on the existing free trade agreement between the EU and Switzerland, was concluded in December but ratified on Monday. See the list of minimum transactions in Article 7 of the Origin Protocol in the text of the UK-Switzerland trade agreement. We have a camp in the EU.

What should be taken into account for deliveries to the UK? During the transitional period, the UK will continue to be part of the European Union until the end of December 2020. At the end of the transitional period, it will no longer be possible to convert the goods into intra-community delivery. They then have to export outside the EU and then import to the UK. Particularly important: with regard to exports from the EU, the customs exporter must have its headquarters in the EU. Products of Swiss origin that have been permanently imported into the EU and are stored there will lose their preferred origin from 1 January 2021, in accordance with the UK trade agreement on Ch-UK. However, if unprocessed goods are returned to Switzerland and then re-exported to Great Britain, they still have preferential status. However, goods stored in a customs warehouse retain their reported origin and can be shipped directly to the UK. Updated certificates of origin will be available as soon as your regular supplier`s agreement comes into effect, for example. B chambers of commerce. The certificates will be very similar to those currently used.

They will show the UK as a place of origin and not as the EU. The United Kingdom and Switzerland have secured a large-scale service agreement, which maintains access for UK service providers to the high-quality Swiss market. «Today`s announcement is extremely important and important, both in terms of the breadth and depth of access to services,» said Sally Jones, EY`s business strategy and Head of Brexit. As part of its `Mind the Gap` strategy, the Federal Council intends to ensure that the reciprocal rights and obligations in its relationship with the UK apply as much as possible after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU and that they are extended in certain areas.

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