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Cell Lines Agreement

«modifications», any substance containing and/or containing a significant or substantial portion of ATCC material, its descendants or unmodified derivatives. As a non-limiting example, ATCC materials transflated by a deferred gene include induced pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymic stem cells obtained from ATCC equipment. «Descendant» refers to an unmodified descendant from ATCC materials, such as viruses, cell cells or organism organisms. «unmodified derivatives,» substances produced by the purchaser that constitute an unchanged functional sub-unit or product expressed in ATCC material. A non-limiting example is unre-regenerated derivatives: purified or split subsets of ATCC material, proteins expressed by DNA/RNA provided by ATCC, or monoclonal antibodies secreted by a hybrid cell line. ATCC ensures that: (a) the cells and microorganisms contained in the ATCC material must be viable at the beginning of the cropping for thirty (30) days after the ATCC shipment and b) any ATCC equipment, with the exception of cells and microorganisms, must meet the specifications on the applicable ATCC materials fact sheet; Certificate of analysis and/or description of the catalogue up to the expiry date on the product label of the ATCC material concerned (for example. B thirty (30) days or until the expiry date, referred to as the «guarantee period»). The buyer`s exclusive remedy and the buyer`s exclusive liability in the event of a breach of the guarantees covered in this paragraph are that ATCC, at ATCC`s exclusive choice, reimburse (i) the fee paid to ATCC for such ATCC equipment (exclusive shipping and processing costs), or (ii) replaces ATCC equipment. The guarantees in this paragraph only apply if the purchaser manages and stores atCC equipment as described in the ATCC product fact sheet. To obtain the exclusive remedy, the buyer must report to ATCC`s technical department the lack of profitability or non-compliance with the specifications within the current warranty period.

Each expiry date indicated in the ATCC physical shipping documentation indicates the expected remaining lifespan, but does not constitute a guarantee or extension of an applicable warranty period. Unless expressly stated above, ATCC equipment and all information and technical support provided by ATCC as they are, without any guarantee of any kind, are provided in an express or tacit manner, including, but not limited to tacit guarantees of accessibility, adequacy to a particular purpose, adequacy, safety, precision and/or non-counterfeiting. The buyer cannot otherwise transfer or transfer this MTA or rights or obligations of this MTA by law or by other means. Such an attempt at surrender or transfer is null and void and has no force or effect. This MTA, including all documents contained in this reference document, constitutes the entire agreement between ATCC and the purchaser with respect to biological material and replaces all previous agreements or assurances (written or oral) between ATCC and the purchaser regarding the same object. This MTA can only be amended, cancelled or terminated in writing and signed by the parties.

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