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Can I Get Child Support Without A Custody Agreement

Shared custody, where both co-parents share responsibility for the day-to-day care of their child or children, is one of the most common common educational arrangements after divorce or separation. Yet many parents are still unaware of how shared custody and custody of children interact with each other. However, if there are income differences between parents, this affects the amount of child benefit due. Learn how OFW`s features and tools can help your family manage shared custody and child support. The law wants the level of child care to be fair. Factors that help decide what is right include where you live, both parents` income, the cost of child and health insurance, each parent`s other educational obligations, and the age and number of children in your case. Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. If a divorce occurs and a parent has physical custody of the children, that parent`s responsibility is borne by parental concern. If you are doing your child benefit, it can cause serious difficulties in your life.

Neglect of your responsibility can have significant consequences for you and your family. The obligation to help a child is not due to marriage. If you are a parent, you are responsible for providing financial assistance to every child you have as a parent. Some states also consider «equivalent diligence» when changing their child care obligations. The equivalent care that can be referred to in another term in your state is the time spent with a parent who does not include overnight stays, but for which the parent is still faced with expenses that roughly correspond to the period of education with an overnight stay. As a parent, you may wonder if you are entitled to the family allowances of your child`s other parent. In general, the parent without a custodial parent — the non-custodial parent, other than the visit — pays the parent for the child`s financial needs. But other factors determine the eligibility of children, for example. B if the alleged father or father has determined paternity with the child.

The «liberticide» parent may be appointed by a court following a divorce and custody dispute or, of course, accepted in single-parent homes where only one parent is raising the child (while the other parent has made no effort to seek custody). You can bring your payment confirmations and payment documents to the Federal Prosecutor`s Office, Department of Child Care Services (CSSD) and speak with a data protection delegate. You can also request a review of your child care account and/or discuss the issue with a lawyer. In some cases, z.B. when the child`s mother receives public assistance, any child care paid for by the father goes directly to the state where it is then distributed with the federal government. The government may also demand reimbursements from the father to reimburse them for all assistance paid to the mother before they intercept custody. In most shared custody cases, the amount of child care that each parent must pay is usually calculated by the court. This includes the percentage in which each parent contributes to the couple`s common income, as well as the percentage of time each parent has physical custody of the children.

The percentage of the income model determines child care obligations using a percentage of a parent`s monthly salary. This percentage may depend on the number of children. In some countries, a flat rate applies to all income brackets. Other countries have different percentages that take into account the debtor`s level of income.

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