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Agreement On Objectives

In principle, the agreed objectives are taken into account, the individual goals of employees with company objectives, which increases the efficiency of the company. Goal agreements can be based on the performance of each employee or group (individual objective) and on the success of the company (company objectives). The employer can monitor the implementation of continuous feedback in the goal-agreement process by maintaining the level of performance of each worker and influencing through continuing education. It is therefore the evaluation of a staff member, who is also of paramount importance in the field of human resource development. Goal agreements allow the company to continue to work flexibly and create additional compensation for additional staff performance. However, the worker has the option of obtaining an additional payment, for example. B in the form of an annual premium. [8] Goal agreements create a clear and positive work environment for each employee, in which their expected contributions are explicitly defined and their personal talents and skills exploited. Staff maintain an active role in the goal process and continue to participate through the implementation, coordination and performance of each objective.

Once the targets are agreed, variable performance salaries and bonuses are set in addition to a fixed salary. [I]f the joke is not obvious and a reasonable listener would think that an offer has been made, so the spokesperson risks the formation of a contract that was not provided for. It is the objective manifestations of the supplier that count, not secret and tacit intentions. If the words or actions of a party, judged on a reasonable basis, express the intention to agree on the issue in question, that agreement is reached and whatever the actual but unpronounced state of the party`s opinion on it may be. Barnes v. Treece, 549 p.2d 1152 (Laver- 1976). Different methods can be used to assess objectives. An effective tool is the balanced scorecard. In achieving objective control, it is important that it be transparent to staff and that it is seen as fair. [10] The most common way to assess employee performance is through goal management, where employees and their managers set common goals for the coming period and then measure the extent to which the employee has achieved the goals.

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